In this fast tracked, two-phase reconstruction project, Maxymillian fully reconstructed Runway 8-26 and 14-32 at the Pittsfield Municipal Airport in Pittsfield, MA. Phase One required a complete airport shutdown for approximately 85 days to complete Runway 8-26. The airport was then reopened to complete the Runway 14-32 reconstruction, taxiways, seal coats and final markings. Maxymillian reclaimed over 90,000 SY of recycled base course and 28,000 CY of additional subbase mat, installed over 14,000 LF of new subdrain, trenched over 35,000 LF for electric cables, and then restored the 30-acre site. Throughout the project duration, the Maxymillian project team maintained Runway Closure and Safety Equipment, and maintained erosion control measures to ensure protection of environmentally-sensitive resources.