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Environmental Remediation Services

Maxymillian is well regarded industry-wide for our technical capabilities, professional project management, and consistent​ performance. Our expertise and equipment resources are sought after by highly selective private, industrial, and federal clients that require expertly delivered remediation of challenging sites with minimal disruption to site conditions and surroundings.


  • Waterway & Wetlands Remediation
    • Subaqueous Sediment Capping
    • Barge and Land Based Sediment Dredging/Excavation
    • Subaqueous Barrier Wall Installation
  • Environmental Demolition, Decontamination, and Dismantlement
    • Full Abatement Followed by Demolition
    • Surgical Removal of Select Interior and Exterior Sections
    • Facility Remediation and Abatement
    • Complete Building-Complex Demolition
    • Dust Control
  • Former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) Remediation
    • Gas Holder Removal
    • Dust and Odor Control
    • Slurry Wall Construction
    • Water Management & Treatment
    • Off-site Transport and Disposal
  • Water Management
    • Engineered Dewatering and Groundwater Treatment Systems
    • Mobile Water Treatment Systems
    • Water Diversion and Control
    • Cofferdam Installation
  • Landfill Closures
    • Large-Scale Earth Moving
    • Liner and Capping Installation
    • Bank Stabilization
  • Spill Response Services
    • MassDEP Emergency Response Contract
    • Drilling, Subsurface Investigation
    • UST/AST Removal
  • Soil & Waste Management
    • Excavation
    • Loading, Manifesting, Permitting, Scaling, Characterization, and Transport
    • Waste Characterization
    • Contaminated Soil, Sediment, Water Transport and Disposal
    • Soil Stabilization – In-Situ Mixing and Treatment